Ármúli 4, 108 Reykjavik

Why Now

1. Permission to search

The Icelandic Company 1667 Ltd. has already procured the rights to start the search for Het Wapen van Amsterdam (letter from The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland dated February 8th 2016) and on May 3rd 2016 Gisli and the company lawyer had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Iceland, Mr. Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, in order to make a new agreement regarding compensation to 1667 Ltd. if the ship would be found and recovered.

On January 5th 2017, the Prime Minister signed a Letter of Intent for 1667 Ltd.

2. Technology

Since the last search and recovery operation in 1983, the technology in this field has taken a gigantic leap.

It is now possible to conduct the preliminary search by drones using sound waves to locate objects buried in the sand.

In the greater search area there could be up to 100 shipwrecks buried in the sand.

Today's technology will show in 3D the objects located in sand which will provide information regarding each object found. This will significantly narrow the search.

Before any recovery mission is executed, samples will be taken by drilling to each the objects of interest in the sand.  If the samples show promising results then the recovery mission will be put in place.

3. More than just a search and recovery operation

Iceland has recently become one of the most popular tourist attraction in the World. In 2016 nearly 1.0 million tourists came to Iceland and in 2017 more than 2.2 million are expected to visit Iceland, compared to around 0.3 million in 2003.

This fact opens up many possibilities for the project.

In order to generate revenues while the search and recovery operation is on going, the plan is to open up a museum near to the search area.  The museum will show the history of Het Wapen van Amsterdam and the search and recovery operations.  A documentary film (already in making) will be shown at the museum.

The museum could easily attract more than 100,000 tourists every year.

Since there is an enormous lack of hotel rooms in Iceland, especially in this area, the option to build a hotel near the museum is also on the table.

And last but not least is the possibility to produce at least one TV series about the search and recovery. TV series about treasure hunts and sunken ships are very popular all around the World.