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The Team

   Allan J. Gray

Allan is an English tech entrepreneur and he is currently working on his latest venture, which began operating in stealth mode during 2016. After the sale of his last business, Allan signed up as a Virgin Galactic customer and is enjoying a space adventure which will ultimately see him fulfil his dream of going to space. 


During his adventure so far, Allan has completed G-force training at the NASTAR centre in the USA, flown with The Blades aerobatic stunt team, flown in a MiG 29 at Sokol airbase in Russia, trained at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Russia's Star City, joined the PocketSpaceCraft.com project which will send lunar scouts to the Moon, is working with Galactic Unite and has become a member of the Planetary Society.

Always seeking new physical challenges, Allan has taken part in a number of Virgin STRIVE challenges and in late 2016, joined Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin on an expedition to the South Pole. 


Allan is on the search and recovery team and also an investor in the project.

     Carl Hall

Carl is a successful English TV entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience in production, production finance and distribution.


Prior to setting up Warehouse 51 Productions, he was managing director of Sky Vision, which he set up after selling his previous company Parthenon Entertainment to Sky.


Carl founded Parthenon more than a decade ago as a producer and distributor of factual programming, where he produced and executive produced more than 600 hours of programming, including Mystery files, the Wild series and

the Secret History of the Freemasons.

Under his leadership, the company became one of the UK’s leading independent TV media groups, with production and sales offices in Bristol, Canada and Munich, as well as London.


Carl sold Parthenon to Sky in July 2012 and spent over a year successfully integrating and rebranding Parthenon into Sky Vision to turn it into a high-class distribution and production outfit and helping it expand its programming portfolio into drama, comedy and entertainment, including Sky 1’s New Year drama Moonfleet with Ray Winstone.


Carl is one of the producers of the TV Series for the search and recovery mission.

Einar Kristjánsson

Einar is an Icelandic Economist from the University of Louisiana, Monroe, USA.


He worked for 11 years at Landsvirkjun (National Power Company of Iceland), a company operating 13 hydropower and 2 geothermal power plants with total capacity of 1800 MW, currently generating 12.5 TWh/year.

He was Head of Department of Economical and Financial Analysis and Head of Business Develop­ment. Specialized in profitability studies, price appraisals, business plans, financial planning, international negotiation and developing new areas and products. 

The department was responsible for financial analyses of all new projects of 

all new projects of Landsvirkjun, including the 690 MW Karahnjukar HPP completed in 2008 and more recently for financial analyses of development of 400 MWe geothermal projects in three fields in Northern Iceland. In addition, the department has provided financial analysis services through Landsvirkjun Power on hydro power projects in Greenland, Georgia and India.

  Gísli Gíslason

Gisli is a Lawyer from the University of Iceland. He is the Chairman and CEO of Northern Lights Energy and the Chair of Even Electric, a Canadian company working on the Global Electric Vehicle revolution.


Gisli had his own law practice until 2002, when he started RE/MAX in Iceland. After selling the company in 2004 he moved to Denmark and opened up RE/MAX in Denmark. He sold the company in 2006 and in 2008 he moved back to Iceland with his family.


Gisli is a Movie Producer and former President of The Association of Innovators and Inventors in Iceland.

He signed up as a Virgin Galactic customer in 2011 and has completed the G-force training at the NASTAR centre in the USA.  Gisli is hoping to take his first flight to Space in 2018.


Gisli is the founder of the Project and 1667 Ltd.

Gunnar Birgisson

Gunnar is an Icelandic Adventurer, professional wreck hunter and an experienced diver.


Gunnar has had a passion for stranded ships and shipwrecks around Iceland for many years.


He is the former chairman of the Icelandic Sport Diving Association and he has been at the forefront of promoting environmental protection for one of 'the pearls of Iceland' - Silfra - at the National Park of Iceland, which is now one of the most famous diving spots in the World.


Gunnar is head of the search and recovery team.

Howard Kruger

Howard is a businessman and entrepreneur with a reputation for recognising new opportunities and executing innovative deals. His successful career has spanned four decades, during which he has founded, developed and sold several successful companies. He takes a direct, solid, and pragmatic approach to assessing a business, identifying its operational needs and exit potential which has led to the creation of a successful portfolio of investments in start-up and growing companies across a broad range of industries.

Howard started his career in the music and entertainment industry, he has promoted events and concerts worldwide for over 70 well-known artists. Been involved in pop video production, recording, music publishing, licensing and distribution, as well as sports & celebrity management.

He is CEO and a shareholder of several companies within this sector which produce and promote theatre shows, music concerts and events; provide artist management; acquires and owns the digital rights for audio and visual entertainment content. He is also CEO and shareholder of a traditional British gourmet food and drinks’ company, a print and magazine publisher and travel and property companies.


Howard is a board member on the fundraising committee for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, a multi-million pound music and media industry backed charity specialising in autism; previously he was Director of Sponsorship. He is also a Trustee of Brocket Hall.


Howard is one of the projects advisor and investor.

Ingvar Thordarson

Berlin-based entrepreneur Ingvar Thordarson has pro­duced features, documentaries and shorts that have won awards all over the world, including 20 critically and commercially successful features, Life in a Fishbowl, the winner of record 12 awards at the Icelandic Edda Film Price Awards and The Grump, Finland's highest grossing film 2014.


Within the industry, Ingvar is recognized for producing feature films and documentaries in the most inclement of arctic environments and his commitment to ground-breaking projects as well as fostering emerging talent. In addition, Ingvar has run a cinema, various businesses and companies, organized film festival and worked with a variety of global artists as well as managing events around the world.

Currently he represents the photographer Gavin Evans whose exhibition "Bowie the Sessions" opened in Berlin 19 March 2016 prior to a world tour. Ingvar has in fact worked with David Bowie and a host of other internationally famous artists and in a variety of cultural and business environments.


Ingvar is one of the projects advisors.

Johannes Douma

Johannes is a Dutch Geophysicist living in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he is an exploration geophysicist at Cimarex Energy.


He completed both his undergraduate and graduate degree in geophysics at Colorado School of Mines. Johannes was a member of the Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP) Consortium, where he wrote his Master’s thesis titled “Improved temporal and spatial focusing using deconvolution: theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies.” After graduation in 2014, he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to work for Cimarex in the Geophysical Analysis Team developing elastic inversion for both the Permian and Oklahoma regions in order to characterize the subsurface.

In January 2015, he transferred to Cimarex’s corporate office in Denver to join the Permian Exploration team and take responsibility of the geophysical work for the Delaware Basin. This included: generating in-house inversions, characterizing geology and structure using seismic, designing laterals and assisting in geosteering, evaluating acreage, exploring new target intervals, QC seismic processing deliverable, and determine new geophysical projects to advance the technology applied to Delaware Basin.


In June 2016, he transferred back to Tulsa, Oklahoma to join the Anadarko Exploration Team where he is applying the techniques and methods learned in his previous position towards further developing formations in Oklahoma.


Johannes is head of the technical search and sits on the board of 1667 Ltd

Olafur is an Icelandic lawyer from the University of Iceland.


Olafur lives in the south part of Iceland and he has for the last years specialized in cases for the landowners and farmers in the area where Het Wapen van Amsterdam stranded.


Olafur is the project lawyer

Olafur Bjornsson

Ragnar Agnarsson

Ragnar is an Icelandic entrepreneur and has on his resumé over 200 commercials and has worked in the television and film industry for over 20 years. He has done commercials for Coca Cola, Mitsubishi and Nissan.


Ragnar is the chairman of the board of EFG and Saga film and one of the owners.


Sagafilm is the leading independent production company in Iceland and as the leader in professional production for TV, Commercials and Feature Films.

Sagafilm is the only production company in Iceland that has experience in producing formats for the Icelandic audience. Amongst the formats produced for the native broadcasters are MasterChef, X Factor, Idol, Wipeout, The Bachelor, The Lyrics Board, How Clean Is Your House? and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Sagafilm has throughout the years been the main producer of documentaries for the Icelandic market and owns an exceptional archive covering Icelandic history and landscape. Amongst longer running and new series is the ever-debatable building of Europe's biggest hydraulic station - Kárahnjúkar.


Sagafilm offers full production and location services. Production service projects include Hollywood blockbusters such as Star Trek Into Darkness, Batman Begins, James Bond’s A View to a Kill and Die Another Day, Tomb Raider, Alexander Sokurov’s Faust and the documentary Race to the South Pole.


Ragnar in charge of the documentary and the TV series

Rob is a Canadian businessman. He is the Chair­man and CEO of McEwen Mining Inc. and was the founder and former Chairman and CEO of Goldcorp Inc., which is the world’s second largest gold producer based on market capitalization.


In 1990 Rob stepped into the mining industry, where he transformed Goldcorp from a collection of small companies into a mining powerhouse. Since 1993, when Rob started re-structuring Goldcorp, the company's market capitalization has grown from $50 million USD to over $8 billion and its share price has increased at a 31% compound annual growth rate.

Rob McEwen

A graduate of St. Andrew's College, Aurora, Ontario, Canada in 1969, Rob McEwen later earned a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Rob's philanthropic efforts are designed to encourage excellence and innovation in health care and education. Mr. McEwen has donated in excess of $25 million over the past four years including: $20 million to establish the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the Toronto General Hospital; $1.5 million to Schulich School of Business; $1.0 million to the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, and $0.7 million to two museums and a church.


On July 3, 2007 Rob McEwen was appointed to the Order of Canada, the country's highest civilian honor.


Rob has booked a trip wit Virgin Galactic to Space.


Rob is an investor in the project