Ármúli 4, 108 Reykjavik

It usually involves a huge risk to take part in a treasure hunt, but sometimes the risk pays off (and when that happens – it can pay off BIG TIME).


This project involves finding one of the very few treasures ships still not recovered, the Dutch flagship, Het Wapen van Amsterdam (Icelandic history books have simply named it “The Gold Ship”).


The ship ran aground during an awesome storm off the south cost of Iceland on September 19th 1667 and sunk into the sand.


How is it possible to minimize this risk.  Is it possible to make a profit from a high risk project like this, even though the ship itself were never to be found and/or not treasure recovered?


Project 1667 shows how this can be done and if the treasure ship were to be found and recovered, then that would be the BONUS.

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